My 312 Marketing Review

I wanted to write a quick 312 Marketing review for all of the questions that I get about them and what they do. This way, you don’t have to email me your questions, you can just read this post. Not that I mind actually reading through my emails and I’m always happy to answer questions, but I figured that since I get so many of the same ones, this will save you some time in asking them.

312 Marketing Raleigh NC

I’ll get into the FAQ portion a little bit later on, but let me explain to you what this marketing company does. The administrator at 312 Marketing reviews a lot of job applications and looks for certain qualities that would make someone a great addition to the team. If you don’t get a call back after submitting your application, they probably passed on you. Don’t take it too hard. It’s just business after all. This company focuses on direct marketing and communications with customers. Their main goal is to sell their client’s services and products. Now on to my review…

My 312 Marketing Review

So first of all, I get a lot of questions regarding what the company is looking for in a candidate. Just because I’ve been in outsourced marketing for over ten years now, doesn’t mean I know what this particular company is looking for exactly. However, I have a general idea. Here you go. They are most likely looking for someone who can work really hard and not whine about it. They are probably looking for a fresh college graduate or someone who shows a lot of enthusiasm in learning a new skill and/or industry. They aren’t looking for someone who is just looking for a job. 312 Marketing does a really good job of reviewing the specifics of the job with a person during the interview process in order to scare off people who are afraid of hard work. This makes total sense, don’t you think?

Another question I get is regarding the legitimacy of this company. Some people think that a company that offers a lot of advancement like 312 Marketing is a scam. Just look at these reviews of 312 Marketing and see what I see. I can assure you that this business model is totally legitimate and I’ve seen it work time and time again. In fact, the outsourced sales and marketing industry is growing like crazy. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you the numbers. I’m sure you can look that up on Google though.

Finally, one of the most bothering questions I get is regarding the company’s culture. Some people think that 312 Marketing reviews a person’s candidacy for promotion based on who their friends are in the company. This makes sense in some other companies, but not with this one. Everyone’s candidacy for promotion into the upper levels of management is based on credibility and performance. In other words, if you meet your goals set forth by the company, then you will continue to be employed there. If you go above those goals and expectations, then you are likely to be promoted. That’s how it works.

312 Marketing Reviews

312 Marketing
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There are a lot of 312 Marketing reviews on the internet that all say about the same thing. Great work environment, but not enough vacation time. Well, I say – go teach third grade English class and you can get months off during the summer for vacation. If you really want that sort of thing, it’s definitely out there. If you want to work hard and get ahead, then 312 Marketing is a good place to start.