It Was The Uber for Prison-Escapees!

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We’ve all had some crazy business ideas, but never took action and always wondered ‘what if?’ In Atlanta, prisoners would escape from prison and get the help of Deldrick Jackson (who was a current inmate) and his fiancée, Kelly Bass to drive them to nearby locations, pick up contraband, and return to prison. This happened from Nov 2016 to April 2017 and the details are a little vague, but we’re imagining that Mr. Jackson and the other inmate would plan the escape and the fiancée would pick up the escapee and drive them somewhere to get drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or whatever. Then, she would help sneak them back into the U.S. Penitentiary in Atlanta

In the mindset of an inmate, this might seem like a great idea. Turns out – it wasn’t. The “inside man” was sentenced to serve an additional 18 months and the fiancée was sentenced 6 months in prison.
The next time these two think they have an idea for a business, they should run it by someone first.

Read the news release from the Department of Justice for more information.